Smartphone Astrophotography

I journeyed into smartphone astrophotography because I wanted that screen saver photo for myself. Little did I know that those early pictures would lead to something more substantial. I’ve had success. I’ve also had many failures. All transparent to you. My hope is that they help in your journey. Now I use a Google Pixel, but any smartphone will work.

Finding True North
When I search the internet for deep space photos like this, I am marveled by what many amateurs are able
M51 Whirlpool Galaxy_RRRT
Remember my last article? You know the one about my experience at the Fan Mountain Observatory in April 2019. The
Fan Mountain Observatory Complex
Fresh off seeing my UVA Cavaliers win the NCAA Mens Basketball Championship, I couldn't wait to visit grounds. In fact
I moved prime focus without cutting the OTA (Optical Tube Assembly) on my Orion Astroview 6 telescope. Huh? How? No
Bahtinov Masks 2
I 3D printed a Bahtinov Mask, so I can clearly see the sky. There are numerous objects in the night
The Canon EOs XTi joins my astrophotography family. I started using my Google Pixel Really Blue to photograph night sky
Total Lunar Eclipse The total lunar eclipse was beautiful! I took more than 500 pictures of this event to create
What Smartphone Astrophotography Obstacles? I've been "Missing In Action" with my smartphone astrophgraphy for many months now. Let me tell
Smokey Mountain Planets Photo
August is a busy month for my family, and we took a weekend to visit the Smokey Mountains in Gatlinburg,
Telescope Buying Guide Buying a telescope is much like buying a car.  Asking a car owner "What car should I