Kevin Francis has always been fascinated with the Universe.  However, at an early age he began to realize how small we are in comparison to what he saw everytime he looked up.  Astronomy became his passion and now Astrophotography is the sharable tool.

My Heritage

Kevin was born to Grenadian parents who traveled to America in search of opportunity.  His father has a great success story and the world is waiting for his book. Here, however, his father was able to pursue his dream of becoming a doctor.  Kevin’s mother became a nurse, and later decided to stay home and raise her two children, Karen and Kevin.

Education and Skill of Kevin Francis

Kevin Francis graduated from University of Virginia in 1996 with his BS in Mechanical Engineering.  He stepped into independence and confidence in his decision-making skills.  While on his first job, Kevin started to feed his entrepreneurial spirit. He built computers and created websites. After meeting his wife La’Donya, he became a Real Estate Investor and rehabbed homes throughout his community.

Kevin’s Passion

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Kevin has come full circle back to his passion of Astronomy.  Now he utilizes his many years to of experience to inspire others through Astrophotography.  He volunteers at Abbitt Observatory at the Virginia Living Museum, giving families an out of this world experience.  Altogether, he feeds his lifelong passion through personal and public viewing sessions.