Clear Skies for Astrophotography

Star Hop
How to Star Hop [Beginner Astrophotography]
Navigating the night sky can be challenging for beginners. The Star Hop technique is the best way to find night
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Prickly Bay Grenada
Smartphone Astrophotography [Google Pixel 3]
Smartphone astrophotography is a fast growing part of astronomy. Smartphones are common, portable, and have great cameras. I’ve owned a
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Image Stacking M31 Comparison
Image Stacking in Astrophotography [Reduce Noise]
Image stacking is how you reduce noise from your precious photo. Yes, noise…those seemingly random specks that dot the landscape
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Dark Sky Map
Dark Sky: Where Are You? [Astrophotography]
The hunt for a dark sky was once imaginary. Before Lewis Howard Latimer and Thomas Alva Edison dropped the mic
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Long Exposure Astrophotography [Get A Drive Motor]
Long exposure astrophotography without a GoTo Mount has been a fun challenge for me. Over the past few months, I’ve
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Wide Field Astrophotography and First Light with My Orion ST-80 [Andromeda Galaxy]
Because it’s small and great for wide field astrophotography picked up an Orion ST-80 telescope. The ST stands for Short
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Clear Skies

Astrophography is my passion and certainly can be seen throughout this site.  After all you’re here because it’s a passion of yours.  Enjoy and above all, clear skies! – Kevin Francis

Treasures of the Universe

Astrophotography allows Astronomers, both professional and amateur, to share what they view with you.  In essence the treasures of the universe are so vast, that I cannot list all here.  From time to time, astronomers discover something hidden.  What I can do is utilize my experiences and photos to introduce others to some of these treasures or ignite their passion in Astronomy.

My astrophotography tools:

  • Orion Astroview 6 Telescope
  • Meade ETX-125 Telescope
  • The RRRT at Fan Mountain
  • Google Pixel Really Blue Smartphone henceforth and forever
  • Canon EOS XTi DSLR Camera
  • Canon EOS T3i DSLR Camera
  • My yard, especially my yard
  • Solar Filter, specifically when viewing the Sun
  • Skyglow Light Pollution Filter
  • Plossl Eye pieces
  • Orion SkyGlow Light Pollution Filter
  • Color Filters
  • Clear Skies

Thank you for visiting. – Kevin Francis

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