Clear Skies for Astrophotography

Comparing M13 Photos [Messier 13]
M13 or the Great Globular Cluster in Hercules is an astronomy favorite. It is 145 light years in diameter and
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How To Find Night Sky Objects Without A GoTo Mount [Plate Solving]
I want to find night sky objects with a GoTo mount. If you know me, I love technology. Yet for
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Finding True North
My Polar Alignment Methods [Telescope Setup]
When I search the internet for deep space photos like this, I am marveled by what many amateurs are able
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M51 Whirlpool Galaxy_RRRT
Messier 51 On The RRRT [Whirlpool Galaxy]
Remember my last article? You know the one about my experience at the Fan Mountain Observatory in April 2019. The
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Fan Mountain Observatory Complex
UVA, Norfolk State & Me [Fan Mountain Observatory]
Fresh off seeing my UVA Cavaliers win the NCAA Mens Basketball Championship, I couldn't wait to visit grounds. In fact
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Clear Skies

Astrophography is the passion of Kevin Francis and certainly can be seen throughout this site.  After all you’re here because it’s a passion of yours.  Enjoy and above all, clear skies!

Treasures of the Universe

Astrophotography allows Astronomers, both professional and amateur, to share what they view with you.  In essence the treasures of the universe are so vast, that I cannot list all here.  From time to time, astronomers discover something hidden.  What I can do is utilize my experiences and photos to introduce others to some of these treasures or ignite their passion in Astronomy.

My astrophotography tools: