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Tilt In My Beginner Telescope [Equipment Setup]

It should be of no major earth shattering announcement, the my Orion ST-80 has tilt in the imaging train. Recapping, over the past few years you’ve followed me on my astrophotography journey to include the progression of my astrophotography equipment. I took a break in 2021 to focus on health and other significant life changes. Now I’m back, so buckle up. It’s time to tell you why I believe I’ve reached the point of diminishing returns with my Orion ST-80 telescope (a beginner scope) and Astroview Mount (a beginner mount). I will discuss the major topic of imaging train tilt and close with the number of smaller fixes to the telescope. Check out the video below.

Kevin Francis

Kevin Francis is a Mechanical Engineer by day, amateur Astrophotographer by night who is taking his Google Pixel smartphone camera to new limits.