Clear Skies for Astrophotography

Saturn 7_10_2018
Saturn: Photographing the Cassini Division 2018 Update [Rings]
Light travels about 2 hours from the Sun to Saturn to your telescope.   We can spend about that much time
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Derotation in Astrophotography [Field Rotation]
Derotation in Astrophotography is Amazing I learned something new this weekend.  I learned about a technique in astrophotography called Derotation. 
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Beautiful Solar Prominence [Flares]
Solar Prominence The Sun, our closest star, is also a complex and active part of the solar system.  On Sunday
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Mercury: My Astrophotography First Attempt [The Planet]
This summer night was meant to be a warm evening capturing Jupiter, Venus & Saturn.  Mercury just happened to appear
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Moon: Take Photos & Find Many Colors [Brown or Grey]
You don’t have to be an astrophotographer to have a photo of the Moon in your collection.  The Moon appears,
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Clear Skies

Astrophography is the passion of Kevin Francis and certainly can be seen throughout this site.  After all you’re here because it’s a passion of yours.  Enjoy and above all, clear skies!

Treasures of the Universe

Astrophotography allows Astronomers, both professional and amateur, to share what they view with you.  In essence the treasures of the universe are so vast, that I cannot list all here.  From time to time, astronomers discover something hidden.  What I can do is utilize my experiences and photos to introduce others to some of these treasures or ignite their passion in Astronomy.

My astrophotography tools: