Smartphone Astrophotography Challenges [Obstacles]

What Smartphone Astrophotography Obstacles?

I’ve been “Missing In Action” with my smartphone astrophgraphy for many months now. Let me tell you why. First was the Android P or Android Pie update to my Google Pixel. Then the almost constant rainy or cloudy weather. And finally my love of basketball season. If you’re a purist, you’ve most likely clicked away, and that’s ok. Smartphone Astrophotography is not for the serious astrophotographer with expensive telescopes and mounts.

Smartphone Astrophotography Obstacle 1

Google Pixel Really Blue

The first item to discuss is the software update. With all phones, there are monthly security updates and yearly major updates for your phone. The yearly ones bring new features to your phone and also make your phone eat through it’s battery life. This is what happend when Android Pie was installed on my Google Pixel. Immediately, the phone heated up to unbearable levels, and my battery life dropped from 18 hours to 4 hours.

Apple, Samsung, LG, etc are not immune to this. They happen in varying degrees. Anyone who uses one for smartphone astrophotography are at risk to experiencing the battery life of their phone decrease. Also the heat can damage other functions on the phone as well.

In my case I decided to call Google to help rectify the situation. The first attempt was met with Google putting me on hold, then hanging up after 20 minutes of waiting. I made the second attempt while on a 3 hour long drive home. Google had me wait 1.5 hours then transferred me for another 30 minute wait. Once in conversation with tech support, they requested to call me the next day at 2 pm because of the background noise in my car. I never received the call.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I’m not going for a third attempt. Clearly the only language Google responds to is money. The support for the new Pixel 2 XL and Pixel 3 and high. Since I have the new phones, I purchased a small battery pack which I will use this to keep the Google Pixel alive while capturing video or other photos.

Smartphone Astrophotography Obstacle 2


Partly Cloudy Sky

Oh one word wasn’t enough. Well a little bit more about my area of the world. It likes to rain often. I can be weeks before a clear day hits the forecast.

I recommend cleaning lenses, learning astrophotography through YouTube, improving your post processing skill in Gimp or Photoshop, collimating your reflector telescope or 3D printing accessories for your hobby. I’ve done all of this to include rediting old photos with new techniques I’ve learned.

The other option is to take a trip to an area with clear skies to enjoy the view. Great options are star parties. maintains a calendar of events the world over. These are mostly large events, so keep a look out for any local events in your area.

Smartphone Astrophotography Obstacle 3

Life is what we’re living and nothing is given. Enjoy family and friends just as much as you do your smartphone astrophotography hobby. I enjoy my job being on the leading edge of technology. I also enjoy coaching my girls and their middle school/high school basketball team.

These are perfect options for when the sky and/or equipment isn’t cooperating. Some of these are first priorities and may not be considered an obstacle. Unless there is something off. In any case finding a balance between life and your hobby can be challenging.


Ok the third obstacle is a stretch. I needed a little bit of filler here. The focus for all the smartphone astrophotography obstacles is creatively using it as an opportunity. I acquired a Canon XTi camera for instance and spent they gloomy days learning how to use it with my telescopes. I learned a lot about why it doesn’t work with one of my scopes and works well with the other. There are many opportunities to keep your hobby going, enjoy them.

Kevin Francis

Kevin Francis is a Mechanical Engineer by day, amateur Astrophotographer by night who is taking his Google Pixel smartphone camera to new limits.