Smartphone Astrophotography

I journeyed into smartphone astrophotography because I wanted that screen saver photo for myself. Little did I know that those early pictures would lead to something more substantial. I’ve had success. I’ve also had many failures. All transparent to you. My hope is that they help in your journey. Now I use a Google Pixel, but any smartphone will work.

A Coma Corrector has never been part of my continuous improvement plan. I have been happy with the progress of
It's time to buy a polar alignment camera. The QHY PoleMaster or Orion Starshoot are each a nice $299 opportunity.
Star Hop
Navigating the night sky can be challenging for beginners. The Star Hop technique is the best way to find night
Prickly Bay Grenada
Smartphone astrophotography is a fast growing part of astronomy. Smartphones are common, portable, and have great cameras. I've owned a
Image Stacking M31 Comparison
Image stacking is how you reduce noise from your precious photo. Yes, noise...those seemingly random specks that dot the landscape
Dark Sky Map
The hunt for a dark sky was once imaginary. Before Lewis Howard Latimer and Thomas Alva Edison dropped the mic
Long exposure astrophotography without a GoTo Mount has been a fun challenge for me. Over the past few months, I've
M31 Andromeda Galaxy
Because it's small and great for wide field astrophotography picked up an Orion ST-80 telescope. The ST stands for Short
M13 or the Great Globular Cluster in Hercules is an astronomy favorite. It is 145 light years in diameter and
I want to find night sky objects with a GoTo mount. If you know me, I love technology. Yet for