Smartphone Astrophotography

I journeyed into smartphone astrophotography because I wanted that screen saver photo for myself. Little did I know that those early pictures would lead to something more substantial. I’ve had success. I’ve also had many failures. All transparent to you. My hope is that they help in your journey. Now I use a Google Pixel, but any smartphone will work.

Prickly Bay Grenada
Smartphone astrophotography is a fast growing part of astronomy. Smartphones are common, portable, and have great cameras. I've owned a
Smokey Mountain Planets Photo
August is a busy month for my family, and we took a weekend to visit the Smokey Mountains in Gatlinburg,
Interested in creating photos like this using smartphone astrophotography?  This list has six of my overall steps.  Including those I've
During the last star party at The Virginia Living Museum, I laid eyes on Mars for the first time this
Saturn 7_10_2018
Light travels about 2 hours from the Sun to Saturn to your telescope.   We can spend about that much time
Derotation in Astrophotography is Amazing I learned something new this weekend.  I learned about a technique in astrophotography called Derotation. 
Solar Prominence The Sun, our closest star, is also a complex and active part of the solar system.  On Sunday
This summer night was meant to be a warm evening capturing Jupiter, Venus & Saturn.  Mercury just happened to appear
You don't have to be an astrophotographer to have a photo of the Moon in your collection.  The Moon appears,
Light Pollution In light polluted areas, seeing fuzzy star clusters is nearly impossible to the naked eye.  Therefore, when I