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13 Photo Stack on Left 31 Photo Stack on Right

Image Stacking in Astrophotography [Reduce Noise]

Image stacking is how you reduce noise from your precious photo. Yes, noise...those seemingly random specks that dot the landscape of your photo. What is it? How it get there?…

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M13: Great Globular Cluster May 16, 2019 Messier 13 Telescope: RRRT (Fan Mountain) Camera: SBIG STX-16803 Exposure: Visible (Mono): 40 @ 2 min Total - 1 Hour 20 minutes exposure

Comparing M13 Photos [Messier 13]

M13 or the Great Globular Cluster in Hercules is an astronomy favorite. It is 145 light years in diameter and contains approximately 300,000 stars. I've recently focused two telescopes on…

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Telescope: Meade EXT-125 Camera: Google Pixel

Derotation in Astrophotography [Field Rotation]

Derotation in Astrophotography is Amazing I learned something new this weekend.  I learned about a technique in astrophotography called Derotation.  I'm amazed at what a little imagination and scientific skill…

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